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Already enough book cover

Already Enough: A Path to Self-Acceptance

Lisa Olivera


With a down-to-earth approach, Lisa Olivera introduces principles to work on self-worth and self-acceptance from the perspective of narrative therapy. Looking at the stories that we tell ourselves, she offers practical ways of working toward being "honest," "brave," and "free" and embracing our inner goodness. Through anecdotes from her own life and from the lives of clients, personal stories become the primary tool to illuminate ways to shift self-talk and become a vessel for our own change. Already Enough is beautifully written and full of insight and inspiration.



"We don't have to become perfect to be good. When we give ourselves the opportunity to unlearn the stories that keep us feeling broken and less than, we can relearn our inherent goodness. The goodness that has always been there, underneath what's been piled on top of it, as we've moved through our lives."

"I think of the collective story as the story that plays out in the systems we live in, all of which impact our individual stories. We tend to hold people solely accountable for their own healing without addressing the very real, very valid external factors that contribute to their challenging stories in the first place."

"The truth is that since each of us has our own unique, individual lives, we also have our own individual pains and stories, right alongside everyone else's. You don't need to prove your pain, your challenges, your harder experiences, or why you hold hard stories within you. You can just honor what's there and let others do the same."

"Starting the work of healing old pain isn't easy for any of us. Sometimes we prioritize comfort over change--though change would bring us more fulfillment. Our body craves sameness. Change is uncertain, even threatening; our body wants things to stay the same and alerts us when we try to think, say, or do anything different."

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