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People come to therapy for many reasons.


Maybe you feel stuck in patterns that are no longer working for you. Perhaps you've had a recent loss that you want help moving through. Or, you may be seeking to more deeply embody your authentic self and examine some of the “big questions.”


No matter the reason you come to therapy, my focus is to serve as an empathetic, compassionate, and non-judgmental fellow explorer to stand by your side as you work toward your goals.


All human beings want to be seen, understood, and accepted.


All of us can have healthy relationships, fulfilling lives, and a peaceful journey. Therapy can be a safe and intimate space to work toward living the life you seek. I take the time to get to know and understand your beliefs, experiences, dreams and aspirations.


My purpose is to help you find the tools and support to access your own inner wisdom and experience more joy.


I work with children (8 & up), teens, adults of all ages, and couples, and operate through an all-inclusive lens, utilizing evidenced-based practices from a Humanistic, feminist, anti-racist, person-centered, strength-based, LGBTQIA+ affirmative and trauma-informed perspective. 


I invite you to come as you are.

picture of Gina, LMFT for therapy in California

"Thank you for your guidance along this amazing journey on family regrouping. Your words, exercises, empathy, and support are the four wheels of our new love vehicle. We are rolling along now, better than we started. The work you did with us will have a multigenerational impact on our family. We now have tools to pass along to those we love. Thank you. Personally, I felt the crushing pain of the transition and you came into the picture and helped me to reframe it all. Sometimes in the depths of pain a wonderful healer walks into one’s life. For me that was you and the gifts of healing you shared helped to make our family stronger. My debt of gratitude is eternal."



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